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Sunday, 28 July 2013

5th song from #FejoFelony is finally here...

this is the SECTION MIX of  AKON[Worldwide Pop Star]'s #BellyDancer (from album-Trouble).
Performed by DJ FEJO.
here we have selected a small 15 second portion from the original song, & mixed that section with some catchy beats & rhythm.

Singer - AKON
Video editing - Febin Joseph
Song mixing - DJ FEJO
distribution - FST
official partner - ShowTimePort
album - Fejo Felony

its here -  click on this link

Section lyrics-
Shake ya body body
With somebody body
Whatever you do don't break your body body
Shake ya body like a belly dancer

story behind idea of this mix-
FEJO : " i was listening to some tracks of AKON & the video player just crashed. but the audio was on & i was wonderstruck,hearing the same track. i took the same section & tried to mix it in DJ player.& it worked, producing a damn dope"

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