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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Fejo - Malsaram Ennodu Thanne - full translated lyrics

Fejo - Malsaram Ennodu Thanne - Malayalam Rap Song
full translated lyrics

i'm gonna diss you Fejo
so take this
Febin Joseph is here
shameful to see you
so where you gona escape from me

lets start this
slow down Fejo fans
my lyrics gonna kill you all

i came way before you
my experiences are way better than you

let me ask you
who are you?
don't trick me
i don't wanna see you again

i'm the enemy inside you
& i'm the only one to fight & defeat you

i'm going to kill you
you are one of god's mistakes

you destoryed my aim
you always gave me pain

its you, who ruined my future
my dream was to become an Engineer
but now, all gone
you stupid, how you became a poet
you are just a 3rd rated plastic rice porridge spoon

let's continue this Rap Battle
all my haters, assemble here
i will prevail & these fools will fail
coz My Competition is Myself

ha ha
you may be bigger than me
but from all your cheap talks
everyone will say, "what an idiot you are"

Mr. Febin Joseph
don't kill my vibe
who are you to criticize me
Kunchan Nambiar ?

man, i'm chasing my dreams
man, now i'm next to my goal

hey, don't mess with me
tell me your address
i'm going to undress the truth

in 2013, you became a Btech degree holder
in 2019, nothing changed, u still a normal Btech degree holder
you lost your 6 years, chasing cinema
your over expectations are your Yama

you standing in front of me
ok, tell me, whats your qualification
it's been a while
now, review your liabilities

no job, why worry
follow your passion
it will bring you glory

i won this rap battle when i started my verse
& all my haters are dead now

i'm spitting fire in the name of rap
electricity spreading to all these listener's nerves
jerks open their mouth to drink their own pee
these haters like Hepatitis B

let's continue this Rap Battle
all my haters, assemble here
i will prevail & these fools will fail
coz My Competition is Myself

so, are leaving now ?
listen to this & then leave

you want jacket, hoodies, sneaker, cosmetics
hair gel, caps etc to act like a rapper
yelling "yo yo, i'm Malayalam rapper
where is my ghost writer"
& standing like shitface

i don't dress like a rapper
no swag chains
from 0 to 3
thats my count, to be a rapper

will think for 1 second
open up in the next second
starts spitting fire in the 3rd second
& my lyrical flow will give you a heart attack

coz My only Competition is Myself

Fejo - Malsaram Ennodu Thanne - Malayalam Rap Song (full lyrics)

Fejo - Malsaram Ennodu Thanne - Malayalam Rap Song
ഫെജോ - മത്സരം എന്നോട് തന്നെ (full lyrics)

i'm gonna diss you Fejo
so take this
Febin Joseph aanu ivide
nanam kedathirikkan
ne olikkunnathu evide

appo thudangam
Fejo fans'nu pathungam
ente varikal kettu ne ivide odumgam

njan ninne okke kaalum
munne vannavan
ninnekkal ere
onam undavan

adyame chodikkatte
ne arada
ennottu muttan nilkkalle
ne poyeda

ninte ullilulla shathru
njan thanne alleda
ninne ethirkkan
enne pole vere aaru undeda

nadakkan pokunnathu ninte vadham
ne daivathinu sambavicha kai abadham

ente lakshyangal
enthinanu thakarthathu
ennumuthal aanu ne enne vellan thudangiyathu

ne karanam
thulanju poyathu ente bhaavi
Engineer akanam enna ente moham
athu aavi
eda shavi
ne eppozhanu ayathu kavi
ne pulicha kanjiyile
3rd rated plastic thavi

rap battle athu thudaratte
ella haters'um ingu poratte
ee kali fail akunnathu ne thanne
coz ente Malsaram Ennodu Thanne

ha ha
ne ennekkal munne vannavan ayirikkam
but itharam cheap stupid vakukalil manasilakkam
ne ennekkal etra dooram pinnottu poyavan aayirikkam ennu

eda Febin Joseph
ne enne ittu varalle
vimarshikkan ayyo
ne Kunchan Nambiar alle

njan pokunnathu
ente swapnangalku purake alle
ente position
innu lakshyangalkku arike alle

'Keli Benda Mwone'
ninte address thada ponne
kaliyakki undress cheyyum ninne

2013'il ne btech'karan
2019'ilum ne verum btech'karan
6 varsham kalanjathu ninnile cinema'karan
ninte over pratheekshakal aanu ninte kalan

ente munnil vannu nilkkan
ninakku entha yogyatha
kollam kore aayille
theertho ne ninte badyatha

joli illel senti adichittu enthu karyam da
passion'u purake pokunnathil alle karyam da

enne verutha
nashoolangal marichu
prekshakarude manassil enne
rap battle njan jayichu

rap enna peril vaayil ninnum
chade pade chade pade
thuppunnu thee
kelvikkarude njarambil athu-
generate cheyyum vydyuthi
kadi moothu veruthu irikkum
vanagalude vaayil ozhikku pee
ente haters'nu varatte Hepatitis B

rap battle athu thudaratte
ella Haters'um ingu poratte
ee kali fail akunnathu ne thanne
coz ente Malsaram Ennodu Thanne

athe, angane angu poyalo 'nge
ne ithu koodi kettittu poykko 'tta

ninakku rapper aakan
jacket eduthu, hood ketti
sneaker ittu, putti peratti
gel thechu, thoppi vechu
yo yo, i'm Malayalam rapper
evide ghost writer
ennu paranju kalippu ittu nilkkanam

ee kolam kettal illa
'Swag' patti chain'um illa
enikkonnu rapper aakan
njodiyida athu mathi

1 second onnu alochikkanam
2'am second'il vaa thurakkanam
3'am secondil ente lyrical flow kettu
ninte hridayamidippu nilkkanam

coz ente Malsaram Ennodu Thanne

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Fejo - Theruvinte Kalakaran | Malayalam Rap Song തെരുവിന്‍റെ കലാകാരന്‍ | മലയാളം റാപ്പ് | ഫെജോ official video

Malayalam Rap Song Theruvinte Kalakaran by Fejo
official video @officialFejo with lyrics
ഫെജോ - തെരുവിന്‍റെ കലാകാരന്‍ - മലയാളം റാപ്പ്
#Fejo #MalayalamRap #TheruvinteKalakaran #mallurapper

official video in youtube -

Theruvinte Kalakaran song MP3 stream / download here
spotify -
jio saavn -
amazon music -
tidal -
yandex music -
itunes -

ഞാൻ തെരുവിന്‍റെ കലാകാരൻ, ചങ്കുകളുടെ കൂട്ടുകാരൻ, മലയാളം റാപ്പ് മിക്സ് ചെയ്തു പാടും പാട്ടുകാരൻ ❤
the video song depicts life stories of youth in kerala, struggles they face when they chase their dreams & their views on society & recent issues...
ഒരു ചെറിയ മലയാളം റാപ്പ് song ആണേ... കട്ട സപ്പോര്‍ട്ട് ഉണ്ടാകുമല്ലോ... :)
കൂടെ Avasaram Tharu, Vere Level എന്നീ പാട്ടുകളിലൂടെ പറഞ്ഞു വെച്ച കഥയുടെ ബാക്കിയും ഉണ്ട്...
this song is a sequel to Avasaram Tharu -
& Vere Level -

songs starts at 00:26, click on CC Closed Captions for tranlsated (English) lyrics
also song ends at 03:50, followed by post credit scenes... & if u are not interestd in back stories, just pause & replay the song video from start ;)

credits -
rap vocals & lyrics - Fejo
song title - Theruvinte Kalakaran
beat produced - Jeffin Jestin
song mixing & mastering - Jeffin Jestin
language support - Atul A Pillai
english lyrics translation - Fejo

song video directed by - Fejo & Goutham Tuzz
camera - Goutham Tuzz & Shalbi FoxBreed
edit & cuts - Goutham Tuzz

post credit scenes directed by - Fejo
story, screenplay & dialogues - Fejo
edit & cuts - Jeffin Jestin
camera - Suhas Sukumaran
cast - Manu Joseph, Suhas Sukumaran, Anand Sankar PS, Anuraj CP
Lijo Earnest Leslie, Jeffin Jestin, Abin KS & Fejo
post credit scenes bgm - Jeffin Jestin

whatsapp video version -
lyrics in genius -
full lyrics in lyrical kumaran -
check out full lyrics -
translated lyrics -

#തെരുവിന്‍റെകലാകാരന്‍ #ഫെജോ #മലയാളംറാപ്പ് #MalayalamRapper #Theruvinte #Kalakaran #Malayalam #Album #Song #MalayalamRapper #deergaveekshanam