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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Komba na na - official video

watch official video of 6th track from #FejoFelony

Story of a mahout, who was deeply in love with a malayali girl.
After break-up, he had a melancholy to sing.

Fejo - Komba Na Na (mahout's melancholy) - new malayalam album song (parody of Akon's Right Now)
6th song from #FejoFelony
its just an attempt guys... need your support... 

credits :-

artist - Fejo
lyrics - Febin Joseph
video editing - FeJo
produced by - Fejo Studio Tenet
partner - ShowTimePort
animation - FST AniMedia
poster - FJ
album - Fejo Felony
instrumental karaoke - FejoST
parody of - Right Now (Akon)
distribution - FST
Song mixing - DJ FEJO

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