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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Fejo - Arajakathwavadhiyude Yathra (Malayalam Rap) translated English Lyrics

Arajakathwavadhiyude Yathra - Anarchist's Journey
So Gone Challenge - Malayalam Rap | Fejo
lyrics translated to English from Malayalam

03 vibes R&B
mic testing 1,2,3
#SoGoneChallenge oh
call me Fejo

college memories' not legion
'coz i had a big disruption
loved a girl from a different religion
& zealotic people stood with no perception

moved away & stayed non-urban
returned back after months, drinking bourbon
leod say, that boy is a ni**a
he lost everything, even his figure

heard dexterous questions from natives
wanna throw darts on those faces with stupor motives
they stab my chest
showing scronfulness, at its best
sorry, no abhorrence
no vengeance
silence is my weapon
so wait for the best to happen

from college to home
from home to folks
& then to drugs
from there to mistakes...
nope, never

fake friends
made me tacit

shower me with mercy
show me leniency
immersed in sensuality
& continues this anarchist's journey

I'm immersed in sensuality
& continues this anarchist's journey
mallu rapper
I'm immersed in sensuality
& continues anarchist's journey


  1. Ankara'nin en iyi kurye sirketi olan
    kurye ankara hizmette
    sinir tanimiyor...

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